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Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB Bangsar) @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

Yesterday, while at dinner, discussed with my cousin, Mei Xin, about our long awaited burger plan which always tak jadi. We wanted to go thread our eyebrows at Bangsar area so we decided we would have burger after that.

Today, we thought we wanted to have burger for lunch but my slowpoke sister only got done with her mandarin class at 3pm, which is where almost all the burger shops in Malaysia close for lunch.

Just realize what all of this burger joints have in common when I googled the opening hours of each and every one. Most of them open to cater for the lunch crowd at 12-3pm and close for two to three hours before opening again to cater the dinner crowd. Hello what about the people who are hungry at 3 to 4pm like me?

Anyway, traffic to Bangsar was kind of shitty with the MRT project going on and also, Bangsar area is always crowded during weekends. Got done with threading and walked around Bangsar Village before walking over to KGB Bangsar, burger joint. We decided to try this new burger joint since we were already at Bangsar area and we were too lazy to drive ourselves somewhere else.

KGB Bangsar stands for Killer Gourmet Burgers, which they specialize in serving burgers (duh).

KGB Bangsar is located beside Milk and Butter, one of the popular cafes' at the Bangsar area, or if you are still unfamiliar, KGB Bangsar is located at the same row as Devi's Corner. If you dunno where is Devi's, then KGB Bangsar is located somewhere opposite La Bodega and Antipodean cafe.

We got to KGB about 5.30pm and it was not open yet because it opens at 6pm during weekends (why not 5pm?) and we had another half an hour to waste. When you have time to waste, time seems to pass so slow, so we wandered off to the many boutiques laying around and took a look-see.

Arrived to a helpful staff in assisting us with ordering. I have to say thought that the choices of burgers are pretty limited, with only 9 choices to choose from, as compared to their other burger competitors. Got to know that they serve beef burgers, chicken burgers, vegetarian burgers and other sidelines. They are also pork-free!

On the menu, burger prices are listed individually and you can opt for a complete set (adding on fries and a drink) when you add on RM5.50. For the fries, you can choose between salt and pepper, herbed or spicy cajun and as for the drinks, there is a variety of the usual soft drinks. Beer is also available upon request with an additional charge.

The ordering station and the kitchen behind.

The environment at KGB Bangsar, there are also more tables available on the right, but I didn't manage to capture photos. At 6pm, there was not much crowd. Maybe because this place is new, but I feel that it is better this way, not needing to queue up for my burger, and I can have a proper, air conditioned place to dine at. Hopefully, it stays this way, then I can come here whenever I crave for a burger.

However, although there were only few tables around occupied with customers and with quite a number of staff seen cooking in the kitchen, our burger took quite awhile to arrive.

Each and every burger joint has their own specialty. For MyBurgerLab, it would be the black charcoal buns and for Burger Junkyard, err, it probably is the IKEA rats where everybody pose with in photos hahaha. Don't mind me crapping. Anyways, for KGB, they have their own logo stamped on the burger!

On the top, we have the BOBCAT burger (RM 15.90), burger filled with grilled beef patty, roasted green chilli, provolone cheese and jalapeno mayo, with sides of fries with salt and pepper. This is the spicy burger, and my cousin said that she liked the green chillies in it! I guess, if you love spicy food then you should go for this burger.

The other burger is the BASH burger (RM 18.90).

This is my order, and the waiter also recommended this burger. Burger filled with grilled beef patty, beef bacon relish, provolone cheese, caramelized onions and cornflakes. YEP, you heard it. Cornflakes!!

My first time having cornflakes in my burger and it is not weird at all! It gives the crunchy bit to the burger. I like the fact that they are very generous with their burger patty, which was quite thick and also juicy but then I couldn't really taste the cheese in the burger? I guess if you are not a fan of cheese then it is fine, because you won't feel 'jelak', but I love cheese! They have an option of adding extra cheese to the burger at RM2, but.....

I insist that my burger isn't cheesy enough!

Oh ya, I had a sideline of herbed fries and they were only so-so. The fries tasted quite salty for me and I have tasted better herbed version of fries!

My sister had the Tornardo burger (RM 15.90), another burger which is recommended by the waiter. This burger is filled with grilled beef patty, onion rings, fried egg and fiery mayo. Uhh, quite messy to be eaten because the burger is quite 'wet' but it looks highly appetizing.

The Coke comes in an old school bottle! Haven't seen these around in ages since about 10 years ago. I still remember we used to drink these during primary school, and I got to admit, somehow Coke tastes nicer from the glass bottle. Maybe it is just me.

When we went today, there was promotion on the new opening, on free refills on the drinks, so we got refills on Coke for free! However this promotion only lasts till tomorrow, so hurry up and go if you feel hungry when you see my post! Do take note of the opening hours though! It can get pretty confusing!

The waiter was kind enough to ask us if we needed any refill and also asked us about our food.

We left after that, and I bought my froyo at Red Mango, then we left for home!

Lastly, I leave you the menu of KGB Bangsar, click to enlarge!

Oh ya, I want to come back some day to try the kimchi with bulgogi beef fries. Seen it and it looks so good!

Price Range from:
RM10 to RM30

KGB Bangsar
23, Jalan Telawi 2, 
Bangsar Baru, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

GPS Coordinates:
N 3 07.909 E 101 40.296

Opening Hours:
Tuesday: Closed
Monday, Wednesday to Thursday: 5.00pm to 10.30pm
Friday to Sunday: 12.00pm to 3.00pm ; 6.00pm to 10.30pm

Contact number:
03-2201 1220



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