Sunday, July 7, 2013

Feeding Myself Carbs.

Aloha, how has everyone been lately?

I know it gets boring when I only write reviews and not personal stuff, here are some stuff I made during the holidays, and recently, when I am feeling hardworking enough to actually cook yummy food which I crave for and I am too poor to go eat it outside, or maybe I just don't have anyone to eat it with wtf. 

You might think, " WAH!! At least can save money lah like that!" ..... but then, WRONG! Buying ingredients can be pretty expensive too!

1. Mac And Cheese

So I have been craving for some baked mac and cheese. The only time I had mac and cheese was at The Bee sometime ago and I couldn't stop craving for more! I don't know places that serves decent mac and cheese so I decided to google and make my own! When I was mixing everything it looked quite gross, but tadaa, in the photo above it turned out to be pretty successful wtf. Click here to view my short instagram video on it. MAC AND CISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS hahahaha.

The funny part was, setting the oven mode wtf, told my sister that it should be baked, and she put on some oven mode related to cooking lasagna because apparently cooking mac and cheese is like cooking lasagna. Put the mac and cheese for about 40 minutes and was wondering why the fuck did it take so long.

Sister open the oven and tasted the mac and cheese and IT WAS COLD! Had to wait another half an hour to cook the mac and cheese in baking mode.

Sigh. We are such oven dummies.

In case you are wondering where did I get the recipe from, I made this one and sprinkled the top with ham!!

2. Potato Salad

Remember sometime last year where the mainstream thing to do was to make potato salad and tweet about it wtf. I started because I saw a picture posted by Chin Zhin, and maybe that is why I got so fat because I made this a few times a week! AND POTATO IS FULL OF CARBS, and not forgetting the mayo!

The first thing to do is boil some potatos and eggs in water, and add a pinch of salt. When the water has boiled about 5 to 10 minutes, scoop up the egg because you don't want overcooked boiled eggs, you want boiled eggs when the yolk is still yellow! Boil the potato till soft and leave aside to cool.

When cool, cut the potato and mash the eggs (if you want, throw some of the egg yolks away).

Then, put them all in a bowl, add mayo, salt and pepper and mix!

Keep it refrigerated for a while before serving it!

In my version above, I added tomatoes and also reduced on the mayo, but it is still as good!


On a normal day, my breakfast would look like this:

I usually have muesli with fruits and honey, or muesli with milk ( nowadays I opt for soy milk) or even with yogurt!

A few days ago, I went grocery shopping and I bought salad, roasted sesame salad dressing and ham! I bought ham at Desa Park quite sometime ago and it was 5 pieces for 5 ringgit. I bought the same type of ham at Jusco One Utama and it was 6 pieces for 9 ringgit WTF. Came home to discover that the person who cut the ham cut it damn thick and because of that it was quite salty. HELLO THIS IS NOT HOW YOU CHEAT YOUR CUSTOMERS OK!!! 

Anyway, the two breakfast combos I've made so far.

Peanut butter sandwich, salad with roasted sesame dressing, ham cooked in olive oil, scrambled eggs (I googled on how to make scrambled eggs), and muesli with bananas and soy milk!

 Ham and boiled egg sandwich (minus the mayo) with muesli and honey, and salad with roasted sesame dressing.

Hahahaha, suddenly got the semangat to cook.

Feel like eating bruschetta so I googled the recipe, it seems pretty easy to make, but then I think I only can make those when there is any party or event held.

Cooking is way easier than baking, less things to wash. I like baking, but I don't like washing up.

Err, other than that,

I have been seeing fatty most of my days, and classes have since started for me. Went for first class of financial management and financial reporting and I am already having a hard time coping. Can't wait till audit classes start. Oh my. There goes my time for everything. The past few days, I volunteered myself to a society to help around with their art exhibition. Pretty eye opening, but I still want to try doing more volunteer work where I actually get to see more. At least one new year resolution down!

Also hoping to work for UNIQLO during Hari Raya to earn some money cause I'm broke as broke as I can ever be. I need to be disciplined! Its tough you know, trying to manage one thing, and you screw up the other. But so far, I have been exercising quite consistently, doing blogilates video and following her calendar, but this month's is a little crazy. You guys should try out blogilates though, the instructor, Cassey kind of reminds me of Brenda Song from Disney Channel. Her annoying voice keeps me going lololol!

I have a lot to say, but when I write here, I forgotten already. T_T

 Dad is damn addicted to the iPad recently and that is him playing the roulette. I don't know how it works but he is on it the whole day, and not to worry, he is playing the free version. I don't know how everyone else in the house feels about it but I am getting kind of annoyed with technology affecting my parents. They don't even know how to do anything else anymore. -_-

 The first time I ever had ayam penyet in my life, would probably want to try other Indonesian food joints next time, hopefully more good ones will pop up in Malaysia.

 Wore this to go pay fees with mom the other day, and got a lecture on "YOU THINK YOU GO COLLEGE GO FASHION SHOW AH?"

More food to feast your eyes, I'm really sorry if you are hungry rn but I couldn't care less.


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