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Sabah Photo Diary

Went to Kota Kinabalu for a short getaway with the family a few weeks ago.

** updated **

Keyboard at home is kinda cuckoo now, I'm in the middle of excel class rotting my brains off. It's like I just spend RM1.5k to learn how to use excel for dummies.

1 // #OOTD Uniqlo Mens Tee, MNG tropical shorts, shoes from H&M. 

I believe when you are on holiday, you are supposed to dress like you are going to one, hence the tropical shorts. I still can't get enough of it, and have been wearing it quite often!

2 // The view from the plane, sat Malaysia Airlines and watched CZ-12 (Jackie Chan's last action movie) during the flight which took around two hours.

3 // Reached Sabah and checked in to our hotel, Ming Garden hotel. After that we walked quite a distance to have dinner at Welcome Seafood Restaurant at Asia City. In the past two years I have been to Sabah, the taxi driver recommended us this place for yummy and reasonably priced seafood. Today, it has become a tourist area where the food is only moderate and you have to wait quite a while for a table. It used to be only two shop lots but then now it expanded quite alot! In the photo you see a plate of lala, prawns, red yummy fish I call a tofu fish and also Sabah's local vege, commonly called as 'paku choy' Although this restaurant so crowded and popular, but they did not charge service tax or government tax. Maybe thats why the crowd loves this place.

4 // The view from my room, on the right you can see new buildings in construction, on the left you can see squatter areas on the other end.

5 // OOTD for 2nd day.

6 // My feet, and the room, pretty huge room hahaha.

7 // We visited the Rumah Terbalik, the first upside down house in Malaysia, which I first saw on a blog and I thought it was interesting! Apparently it is rumoured that the construction costs about RM1 million, which after entering the house and coming out of it, I don't think it costs RM1 million to build lolll. Anyway, the entrance fees to go in the house is RM10, or to just take photos outside the upside down house it costs RM5.

8 // Upside down garden
9 // Me and the upside down house. Heard from my mom that they were inspired by another upside down house in Holland, if I am not mistaken. We only can take pictures outside the house and not inside because if pictures were to be posted all over the internet, no one wants to visit the house anymore LOL.

Anyway, the house is enroute to Mount Kinabalu, so the driver stopped here before we headed to Mount Kinabalu area. It is about a 2 to 3 hour drive up the mountain to Mount Kinabalu area.

10 // The view at Kundasang, this place is something like Cameron highlands, where villagers plant vegetables and fruits! It is also a very cooling place. When we were here, the weather was quite good, windy, but no rain!

11 // Stopped by some stalls selling fruits and vegetables, which were quite overpriced and it was not even that fresh. For the strawberries you see above, it costs RM15 for a packet. Wah lao eh, better spend the money buying imported strawberries at Cold Storage right.

12 // Hillview.

13 // River at Poring Hot Springs, Ranau. Didn't take picture at the hot springs, but the place was really clean and full of tourists soaking their feet or swimming in water from the hot springs. Well of course, they have areas with different levels of warmth. The water sourced from the hot spring originally is hot enough to cause a first degree burn. Imagine how hot that is! The place smelt like sulphur, and also over there we googled the benefits of soaking in a hot spring. Apparently, it brings our body back to balance.

14 // Went to Desa Cattle Dairy farm located at Kundasang and watched the cows who were very disciplined at lining up to get milked! It was a very systematic and hygenic process. The cows were black and white, like what you see in ang moh countries and not like brown cows we see in KL! Apparently they were brought all the way from NZ, and all the way up here, because the environment is cold enough for them to live. We didn't bring jacket and we were freezing our ass off.

15 // Green grass planted for the cow to eat.

16 // Of course, at the area we could see Mount Kinabalu and this is the best shot I got of the mountain! It looks exactly like what we see in the RM1 note.

17 // After that, we travelled back down to Kota Kinabalu and had dinner at one of the famous seafood restaurants. It works this way, you have to pick the seafood you want to eat, and then they cook and send it to your table. In the above you see lobsters.

18 // Lai Liu Har in plastic bottles, apparently to keep the prawns from fighting, from what I heard from the waiter.

19 //

20 // What we ordered!

21 // Me in my sunnies.
22 // M&Ms.

23 // Tortoise looking right at my camera. 

We went to Lok Kawi wildlife park to look around since we didn't have much to do in Sabah. Heh, basically at that place there were animals which weren't taken care of really well by the looks of the condition of their enclosure. For locals, the entrance fee per person is quite cheap as compared to foreign tourists and it is free for senior citizens aged 60 and above.

Then my dad asked the ticket seller:

"Huh, bukan 55 tahun counted sudah boleh masuk free ke?"

The dude answered:

"Kalau macam tu, haiwan dah tak payah makan!"

In the van later when we were on the way back, found out that they only passed my mom 3 tickets when we paid for 5 tickets. Where the money from the two tickets go? To the dude lah duh, makan sendiri.

So are they saying that they are the haiwan?! 

Oh I see.

24 //
25 // Sad looking elephant
26 // Malayan tiger with pretty stripes.
27 // Skeleton of a rhino.

28 // Left the wildlife park and headed to some seafood noodles place called Kedai Kopi Wan Wan, been here the last time I went to Kota Kinabalu and the food was quite good.You can choose your noodles and also which kind of seafood you want to have. I had their local Tuaran mee with yu wat (something like fish balls).

That is all from my Sabah photo diary, and I apologize if my posts are kinda half assed.

Been really busy, and also I made an ASK.FM. Feel free to ask me anything.

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