Friday, August 23, 2013

Burgertory @ SS 15, Subang Jaya

Pardon me for the lack of updates, left the blog dead for about a month already, so much has happened since then, maybe I should write all of that in another post.

I think my blog is slowly becoming into a burger blog, not a food blog haha. I haven't been out and about trying new good food lately, wallet is a little empty.

About two weeks ago, went all the way to Subang from Kepong with my cousins to try out Burgertory located in SS15 area. It is located as the same row as Maybank, RT Pastry House, which is facing the main road and it is on the first floor, above Guardian! Hope these directions will help you get to Burgertory!

The view when we first walked in.
We reached Burgertory about 8 pm at night and it was so crowded. Luckily at the counter there was no line yet but we had to wait for quite a while to get places to sit.

The restaurant was all done by themselves, DIY-ed, and they are all proudly shown above in the photos. The design of the restaurant is not bad. Every burger shop has their own concept but all of them has this similarity of starting up in a small area, probably because the rent is cheaper, and then resulting in limited space for more chairs and tables.

When we got to the counter to order, the man on duty at the counter was quite unfriendly. In the past burger shops I have been, before you even approach the counter, there will be friendly staff there telling you what to order and how to order. Here, I have to approach the dude to ask what was Burgertory's best seller, and he totally wasn't in the mood to even explain to us or what, he just told us what it was in a 'I-totally-cannot-bother' tone. Such a turn off!

So, they are famous for their pork burgers! We ordered a few pork burgers to try and I didn't really take much photos because everyone was hungry. My cousins had the Burgertory Treasure, with pork patty, cheddar cheese and crispy pork lard aka chu yau char (RM13.00). It was really filling for them and they could not finish the whole burger.

I had the Shrooming Swime, with pork patty, cheddar cheese and button mushroom.(RM14.00) Just a simple burger as I wasn't feeling very good to have heavier burgers. Personally, I think the patty is thick and yummier than KGB's maybe because it is pork! 

The burgers do not come in sets and you have to add on RM5 for a drink and fries. Viewed the other food blogs and noted that their prices have raised since they started up Burgertory. The drinks are free flow, and a plus point for this joint is that they have hot drinks to choose from as well! As you can see in the photos above, the fries portion looks kinda small. Maybe it is because they give wedges too, but I felt that the portion could be much bigger for the price paid for a set. Taste wise, the dip sauce was up to my standard.
  The drinks area!

Overall, I think the burgers are yummy but there is still room for improvement.

Here is Burgertory's menu for easy reference.


No. 8A, 1st Floor, 
Jalan SS15/4D, 
Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, 47500 



03-5611 9991 

Opening Hours: 
Tue - Sun: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Take away is available as well!

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