Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Recap

Its that time of the year again where I look at what I have done for the year and also see whether I have achieved resolutions set for this year. Then, it will be making more resolutions for the next upcoming year!

Honestly, I have forgotten most of the year. Have to look back at my twitter archive to remember what have I been doing from January up till December but then twitter is being an annoying bitch. It hasn't emailed me the archive link yet.
Chinese New Year with the 10 at my place. In the beginning of the year, I was dealing with my gastric problems and I didn't really eat much, therefore I was probably at my skinniest. I didn't really get to pig out for this year's Chinese New Year. 

Look at how much we have changed, haha! Still in touch with them after 3 years and I'm glad I am. Well, why am I writing this down is because I felt as if we weren't that close anymore when everyone went their separate ways to separate colleges. Or maybe it's just me. It feels like this year it is sort of like reconnecting everyone back together. I am happy and grateful for this and I hope it stays this way.

Other than that, still in touch with the high school buddies as well. 

We try to see each other whenever we can and when most of us are free to meet up. Although we don't talk to each other really often, we meet up to catch up on life once in a while and when everyone is back from overseas. So glad to have met and stuck with this bunch in high school after all that early dramatic years of high school. Here's to five years of friendship and more to come!

As of uni life this year, made more effort in like, the 2nd half of the year to get to know my course mates from my batch better. Stuck with the 'tam jiak' gang ever since and hope that we'll keep in touch and still hang out as often next year! Really appreciate them making my uni days easier and much much happier. They are all great people, and also really motivational and inspiring people. Also, we just love insulting each other.

Hoping to make more friends in class next year and get to know others better! Hehe, got improvement this year already. Also think I should join a society but what society to join? Hmm..

Also volunteered this year, albeit it is something small. Volunteered for START Society at The Circle, Publika to help them sell t-shirts and artwork.

Volunteered with a fellow Sunway student on the first day and the next day I was placed with a French woman. Me and her managed to find a man who bought 12 artworks! Feels like such a big achievement for me hahaha. Also managed to visit START Society in PJ and it was a pretty eye opening experience. The artwork that you see above is drawn by the kids of START Society, so pretty!

For those of you all that are wondering, I am still with Fatty Teh. We still talk to each other almost everyday and I get to see him on Skype once in a while. Good enough for me. I'd rather be waiting here than to find someone new. Just 5 more months till I get to see him again!

This person here has seen me at most of my worsts, and my best. He makes me really upset, pissed off at times but he also makes me really happy.

This is something I want to improve in 2014. We haven't been talking about THIS relationship lately. I do wonder on how to bring this up but I just can't seem to do so.. 

But I haven't been a good girlfriend either. I have never really done much for him this year.. In fact, all I have been doing is moping about how he is leaving to UK ever since I got to know that he is leaving to UK. And now he left to UK already..

We'll just try our best to make this happen. If things doesn't work out even if we give our best, maybe its meant to be like that. 

I'll just go with the flow for now and see what it brings us.


Many people has come and go this year. I guess it is a give and take thing, whether in friendships or relationships. Tepuk tangan sebelah tidak akan berbunyi. It takes you and the other party to make things work. If you tried but the other party doesn't respond or try, then.. Oh well. At least you tried.

Also, have not been working out as consistently as the last year. I'm such a failure. So easily succumb to temptations. Not an inch of discipline. Couldn't achieve the resolution of a more toned body, but at least I didn't gain back the weight I lost with all my hard work and I still look good in clothes!

Read my weight loss post here

I haven't really been earning money either. I did work during the year for UNIQLO again, just a few days to earn some extra money to spend. During the recent holidays, did not work at all as I felt like I needed a well deserved break after going on a roll during the year, been busy non-stop!

Also, been selling off my old clothes I don't wear anymore through Carousell app, so I had enough money to buy more new clothes wtf.

Been really broke lately, spent money on paying my fees and mostly on entertainment and food. Need to learn to budget! 

I'm not sure if I can achieve either objective of visiting Melvin in the UK or getting a new iPhone. Sigh. :(

Did not travel anywhere overseas this year. Recently went to the airport to send a friend off and my legs are itching to travel.

This year I went to Penang twice. You can say that it is my favourite island. Favourite food, favourite scenery, favourite person comes from there. :P

Hopefully able to get back to Penang in 2014 with my friends, or family.

Also went to Sabah for a short getaway with the family.

I want to climb Mount Kinabalu someday. After this 2nd visit to the Kinabalu park area.

Someday, I will do so.

Haha, lets see what I wrote for 2013's resolution and what I really achieved:

1) Be fitter, have a more toned body. Be as sexy as fatty teh ha-ha-ha. 
2) For real, take up Mandarin classes because my Mandarin is shit! It will probably help me be more confident to people around me. Really important social wise and business wise. 
3) Put more effort in people around me, and maintain treating my family and myself well!
4) Manage my time well! Less of last minute studying! 
5) Travel to places I have never been before. Preferrably an island getaway. Redang maybe? 
6) Try new looks. Makeover? Makeup? New closet? Recently pierced my ear, LIKE TODAY, hahaha, planning on dying my hair in the next two weeks or so, and I started a little with makeup.
7) Give back to society.  Did volunteer work for START society, if that counts wtf.
8) Try to change my motto of eating from "living to eat" to "eat to live" WTF My eating habits is way healthier this year, although I still succumb to temptations most of the time hahaha.
9) Take more photos with my camera! Nowadays, been blogging more compared to last year.
10) Sleep earlier and try to sleep less, and also care more about my face wtf *vain*

OK just checked my twitter account.

Most of it is filled with
healthy food
bad food
more workout to burn bad food
how stressed i am about studies
family rants

Hahahaha shit my year wasn't that interesting, was it?

Will update my resolution on my Dayre when I feel like writing about it.


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