Monday, December 30, 2013

Stickman Santa's Christmas Tour 2013

Got selected as one of the lucky 10 who gets to invade Stickman Santa's Hideout in Nuffnang on December 26!

Was supposed to meet up at 11am and I was able to bring a plus one with me, so I brought my cousin,Shenning, along! Took me awhile to locate the area where Nuffnang was located as I am not that familiar with driving.

Reached and got to meet another blogger who blogs about food, Jia Qi. We were ushered into the meeting room while waiting for the others to arrive. Another two more people, Elie and Elywin came soon after. After that, no one else did because they did not check their emails I guess! They missed out on alot. :P

Christmas tree in the meeting room and a timeline on Netccentric.

The Nuffies treated us to some light refreshment. This is the famous crepe cake by Humble Beginnings which I have not tried before. It was really good. There was also biscuits and drinks offered by the Nuffies.

According to the Nuffies, they get to have lots and lots of snacks at work. That already sounds like a very attractive place to work for someone so 'tam jiak' (love to eat) like me!

We were supposed to tour every area of Nuffnang and get a chop from each department!

While, waiting for the others, what to do, camwhore lah! Merry Christmas from Nuffnang and me! :)

After that, there was icebreaker games where the Nuffies and us played to get to know each other better. We sort of played something like charades.

Then we started on the tour!

Candyland is the theme for the design team while Techland is of course, the tech team!

The first area we visited was Candyland!

This is where the design team who designs whatever Nuffnang needs to design hahaha. From observation, they were using Adobe Photoshop and working on banners! Spot the awesome rainbow Christmas deco done by them!

Shenning and I!

The design team played with vibrant colours and has also put their design advantage very well for the Christmas decorations! Candyland is one of my favourites.

Group photo with the Nuffies and other bloggers. :)

Next, we were off to the tech team! Here, they deal with the Nuffies who need help with software and all the issues related to computer.

Christmas tree made with lights!

Went upstairs to the Orange office next! Visited the admin and also the sales team area next! Admin team deals with the staffs and the accounts while sales team deals with looking for advertisers.

 Fireplace at work, like how the ang mohs do it.

The red thing you see there is a popcorn machine! It really works and it is not for display only. So if the Nuffies feel like having popcorn then they get someone to make popcorn! Would love some of it, with extra caramel please!

More X'mas deco on the wall!

This is the Christmas tree that greets us when we enter the orange office. It is made by the Nuffies themselves and as you can see, there are photos, which consists of the whole Nuffnang team.

After that, we went to the Churp Churp area. They won the best deco this year! They showcased memes and the events that happened this year.

Miley Cyrus and her long tongue at the VMAs.

Wrecking ball with people in the company on it! (even Fighter Tiah is on it!)

Happens every Christmas season! 

Lastly, we stopped by at Nuffnang's office! The Nuffies deal with the bloggers and attend to the bloggers needs.

Loved the beanbag section of the Nuffies office! Hung out there for abit with the Nuffies and was so lazy to get up and leave after! 

Got to know Nuffnang better. Most of the people are at the age of 20 to 30 years old, with only a few above 30. Everyone is so energetic and the workplace is an open office concept. It would make one so happy to go to work and not want to leave the office everyday! Well, who knows some day I might make it there. (HAHA)

Well, actually me and Shenning thought we could meet Boss Tim and get a photo with him but it looks like he wasn't in office. Hahaha. And it was quite empty at the office because most people were clearing off their leave before the year ends!

All done! :)

Freebies from Nuffnang, and also not forgetting a huge Nuffnang umbrella (not photographed!)

Thank you Nuffnang for this opportunity! Looking forward to more events held, and to attend them too! That is all for #NNLepakWithNuffies !

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