Sunday, September 6, 2015

Heart to Heart

Hi guys, how are you doing?

Felt like writing a heart to heart after a while to let you know about how I'm doing.

For the past two months, did not really work at all. Had the time of my life meeting new individuals and also hanging out with people I felt comfortable with. I also had the time to understand certain people, including myself a little more.

I have to admit, I have changed.

If one were to tell the past me that I would have end up in a company with a people culture today, the past me will laugh at the person I am today. It is simply unbelievable, but here I am. I am quite surprised to find out some things about myself from other people, the good things, the bad things, but all I can say is, I am still learning to improve myself each and everyday.

I am growing rounder by the day. Happened to sprain my ankle in a club and it has not fully recovered yet. Too upset at myself cause I don't get to jog at all and my self control is so weak lately.

If there is one thing I wish I can do, it is to talk to people effortlessly. You know how some of your friends can easily make you laugh without even trying so much? I really envy those people. I always end up making some awkward conversation with someone else and have to think quite hard for a conversation starter.

Recently been back in my the same first engagement that I have been in March, and I am in a new team now. Trying to get used to the new section that I am auditing, but at the same time enjoying and learning to work with new people I have never worked with before.

The weekends are spent mostly with my batchmates.

Finally had the time to rest today and just laze at home and do nothing and it feels great.

Just felt like I needed to take a step back to reflect on who I am recently.

Been too caught up in everything happening around me that I forgot to care about myself.

Starting to feel more depressing about the lack of sense of achievement, hope to overcome this hardship.

I know I can do it!

Recently though, got myself into some unnecessary drama. It is so tough to be a good person nowadays. Maybe I just should not care so much above other people's choices in life.

Heh, another random pointless post on a Saturday night.

Should probably get some shut eye now...

And to those who happen to be checking this out, just saying, hang in there, things will get better in time. Of course, you would in the first place, have to put effort in making things better, and have faith that things will work out.

Have a great weekend!

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