Monday, November 23, 2015


Got so much work to do but I guess it is only right to pen down what has been bothering me lately.

Over the years of living in the same area, my mom has been going to the same morning market. Surely she would have known which stall sells the freshest ingredients, and over the years she has fostered a good relationship with some of the vendors.

Well, one of them, in particular was a fishmonger family.

When I was taking ACCA, my mom would told me how that family has a daughter around the same age who was currently also taking ACCA and is also almost the same progress as I am.

On one fine Wednesday night, Mom was telling me that she had a short chat with the fishmonger regarding the girl. The girl was working in a small firm near our neighbourhood and earned RM3k+ which was quite reasonable for a fresh graduate. Each time she would have to travel outstation, she would receive RM300 as travel allowance.

So there I was thinking, hmm, not bad, not bad at all.

On Friday night, when I came home from work.

Mom told me that on Wednesday night, when the girl was travelling home from her outstation audit, the car she was travelling in got involved in a fatal accident.

They were travelling on the highway which was sort of pitch black. And they rammed into a truck. The driver of the truck ran away. The driver of the car, which was the girl's colleague was killed instantly due to the impact. Thank heavens that there were other people passing by that area that stopped and called for help.

The girl was sent to the local hospital in that vicinity. She told the doctors that she suffered abdominal pains, but the staff just brushed it off as nothing was wrong as it looked okay on the outside.

On the next day, they did a scan. To their horror, the girl was right. There was internal bleeding as her intestines have ruptured due to the impact. They told the family they would do what they could during the surgery.

There were many tubes stuck in and out of the girl.

On her account of the horrific accident, the girl said that the roads was very dark. And the next thing they knew, the truck was right in front of their car and BANG. Because the truck did not have any headlights on and was either at rest or driving very slowly, hence the huge impact.

The part where it affected me the most was when my mom told me, her parents, when talking to my mom on that Wednesday morning, they were so excited! They said, "Cannot wait for my daughter to come home today,  because she gets to collect that RM300 travel allowance, she is going to buy us dinner tonight!"

She was about the same age as me, who have recently graduated and have yet to even collect her graduation photos yet.

Who knew that such a twist of events could take place.

The girl fought for her life, she told her family, she wanted to live. But her family could see how much she was suffering, they told her, reassured her, its okay, you can go in peace.

And indeed, she passed away peacefully a day after that.

Do you think that if they detected the internal bleeding earlier on, she would have survived?

Why am I so affected although I do not know this person?

To be honest, it could have been just anyone. It could have been me since I'm also an auditor, I might need to travel outstation to audit. I can't imagine the pain everyone around her must be feeling right now.

How much pain it must be to watch your daughter you have raised for 22 years die just like that?

Who is there to blame? Yourself? The truck driver? The staff at the hospital?

Maybe it was just an unfortunate incident. And nobody wanted this to happen.

The best we could just do is live our lives to the fullest everyday, count our blessings and also, do our best to try to prevent such incidents from happening. i.e driving safely

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