Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I want to achieve in 2016

It is indeed that time of the year again.

I cannot believe it. As I write this post, it is December again.

That point of the year where you look back and reflect on every single thing that you have done during the year.

At this time of the year last year, I was studying my ass off for my ACCA papers and now I have graduated and started working! The transition from studying life to the working world, if you ask, is terrible, but this is life.

Perhaps I would update on another post on how my year went, but here are the things I would want to achieve in 2016.

Places I want to go and have never visited:
1) Japan (Sakura season or autumn!)
2) Korea (flight ticket booked)
3) Taiwan
4) Europe (In particular London, Paris, Greece, Switzerland)

If there was a chance to lengthen the list above, it is definitely going to be much much longer, however, let's keep it real, there is not a chance where you can achieve that in the whole year. I think Europe needs another year for me to save up for. Given a choice, I would revisit Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Australia.

Financial goals:
1) Be able to save more in a month (currently saving about 30% of my pay, wish to save more, in particular, my increment portion)
2) Increase amount given to parents
3) Besides my full time job, look out for side income opportunities doing what I want to do.
4) Learn on how to manage my finances wisely. ie. investment opportunities.
5) If I decided to continue working in Malaysia, get a car.

Experience goals:
1) Get a scuba diving license
2) Travelling solo
3) Attend coffee making lessons
4) Visit a sky bar with a beautiful view and good friends.
5) Go on a road trip with my wwejfc clan. (if things are still good between all of us that is.)
6) Blog about my daily life and thoughts more often.

Career goals:
1) Decide on my next course of action. To stay in Malaysia or to the other side.
2) To stay in audit or to look for something else?
3) To be able to coach a junior and to make them look forward to come to work and build a good relationship.
4) Take initiative to more responsibilities and learning opportunities at work.
5) 4 rater.

Self improvement goals:
1) Spend more time with family, perhaps be able to bring them on a trip which is paid by ME.
2) Make effort to dress up on each day.
3) Be aware of my food intake and eat cleaner.
4) Work out at least twice in a week.
5) Make time for MYSELF
6) Put in more effort to keep in contact with those who really matter.

That is all I can think of for now I guess. Will update this space if I have thought of additional goals.

Anyway, as for my goals of 2015:
1. Be able to start a conversation with a stranger, or a friend's friend.  
I have been able to do this for a while when I meet new people. Maybe it is part of the job. But in personal life as well, I have been able to strike up a conversation.

2. Get a job, since I have attempted all my papers already.  
Started working in March 2015.

3. Save up for travelling to Europe. 
Saving up, but still not enough money yet.

4. Finish ACCA and my thesis.
Graduated ACCA in October but have yet to complete my OBU thesis.

5. Exercise!
HAHAHAHA. No comments.

6. Improve on my Cantonese. 
I can say that I have been using this language a little more at work, however it still requires some fine tuning.

7. Throw out all my old stuff (including clothing) to make room for new ones. 

8. Rely less on social media.
This is something I still cannot get myself to do. I have been on Twitter, Facebook, Dayre and Instagram quite often. But I have to admit, I have been posting less often since I started work.

How about yours?

Feel free to share with me your goals for 2016, if you happen to see me, or in the comment box below, becaused I'd love to hear and get some inspiration out of it.

Till next time.

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