Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dah Makan Healthy Lunch Delivery

Currently working with the team at a place where it is quite hard to find proper food so we always drive out everyday to eat. It's a waste of team during this peak period and we always end up eating something extremely unhealthy.

So the other day we decided that we had enough of unhealthy food so what we did was to look up healthy lunchbox and came across Dah Makan.

The interface of Dah Makan website is as if you are shopping for online clothing! It is easy to use where you just select what you want, how many boxes, key in your details and you decide on whether you want to pay using card or cash on delivery!

There are choices of between two sets a day, usually between chicken and fish. And you have to order it quick because they have limited amount and it gets sold out really quickly!

On the first day, we ordered grilled salmon with brown rice and tamago and 'fried' chicken with mac and cheese. When your delivery man has arrived, he will text or call you to let you know that he has arrived. We were damn impressed with the packaging.

We decided that the food was healthy and tasted real good so the next day we ordered again.

They were serving roasted chicken with brown rice and then salmon with mashed pumpkin and vegetables.

To my dismay, when the delivery guy texted me to collect my food around 12pm, there was only one box. Told him to check on my other 4 boxes and he said that another man will deliver the food to us later on,  but he did not state what time. I called up the number on Dah Makan's website and the lady wasn't really layaning me and just kept apologizing and she hung up on me. She did not even give a proper explanation on what happened to the order or gave me any proper time on when the food will arrive.

Around 1pm, by that time we were starving, someone texted me on whether I have received my food. I said no, so after another 20 minutes of dilly dally text messages, we found out that the delivery guy went to the wrong building. When he came, he just kept apologizing and said that he was new.

Dah Makan then sent us a text saying sorry for the delay and they will give us free juice if we ordered again the next day. I personally think that they could have done better with handling customers' complaints and dissatisfaction.

I mean, if they were to forget my order, I rather them just admit it then keep me waiting in the dark for my food.

Maybe I would give them another chance one day and see how it turns out, but just to share with you guys that this Dah Makan food is healthy and yummy at a price range of RM19 to RM21 with FREE delivery if you are within the delivery area.

Check out Dah Makan and get RM10 off your first order when you purchase it through here.

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