Sunday, February 7, 2016

Graduation 2015

Hi guys, I guess you got used to me only updating once in a blue moon hahaha.

But here goes nothing.

On the 17th October 2015, I finally graduated!

Figured out that I should write about this here instead of anywhere else as someday I would look back at my blog and read about this very day.

Rolling backwards to resitting for this paper, I only had two weeks of study break. The first week of my study break was mostly spent sleeping. On my 2nd week, I forced myself to go to Monash to study for my paper. I thought I wasn't going to make it because I really really didn't studied much. But right before my exam I kept telling myself that I can do it, and I will finish off ACCA and graduate this time!

So then it came to results day and I drafted a blog post back then on August 1st but did not manage to publish it.


It has been awhile (ya ya I know, I always start with this phrase) since I actually did a more personal post. Actually have a couple of things in mind which I wish to write about, people may judge me for it but I guess it is something I want to get off my shoulder.

Today was results day and it was kinda chaotic, or so I thought.

I sort of slept at 4am on purpose so that I would wake up way past results time but unfortunately no, my body clock decides to wake me up at 7am. Turned on my wifi and talked to Tatt Yew for a while. Tried to sleep some more, tossed and turned but I realized.... I was actually trembling.

What the fuck...

So I just decided to get over with it.

Before that, why is this results so important to me? It decides whether I graduate or not. Knowing me, and I think I have mentioned here before that I want to graduate by this year! Also, this sitting, is my third attempt taking the P3 Business Analysis paper. The whole exam is essay based and it is really the more challenging subjects for me. Really didn't want to take it for a 4th time.

If you have taken ACCA P papers before, you just know the feeling and hassle of taking exam and coming out of the exam hall, you still don't know what you have written in the exam hall is correct or not. I felt that I did better than the last attempt but still was not too confident, left out a section of 25 marks.

I just really wanted to be in a graduation robe with my peers. And also with the influx of high school mates posting their graduation photos, I will feel tremendous disappointment if I do not pass.

Ok, so I opened my email, and there was no email, keep refreshing my mail until like 8.40am where the mail came in, opened and scroll down,

I saw,

P3 Business Analysis
Pass (58)

I squealed to myself in the room. (for real)

I think the best part of it is finally, finally seeing this message:

"Congratulations on completing ACCA's examinations. You are now an ACCA Affiliate."

I really really hoped my friends made it as well, especially the people who were attempting their last paper along with me, and people who have failed marginally in the previous sitting and worked their ass off for the 4 months before exam date. Some made it, some didn't.

And me being me, I didn't know what to say to them.

Some people think that saying nothing at all is best, but I had to deal with my friends since we were in the same group conversation. I am glad they did not take any offence in what I said. (Hopefully)

After a while, my cousin, Yong, called me and he asked, "So how's your results?"

Yong is a very close cousin of mine. We were born a year apart from each other and growing up, we did so many things together. And our parents being asian parents, they like to compare us to each other. To be honest, I was quite afraid of him excelling very well all these years in ACCA because there will be very high expectations against me.

I told him, " I passed! What about you?"

"Me too!"

We honestly never have such conversations in our lives hahaha. Most of the time it is just him teasing me and chui sui-ing.

I am very very proud of him! Glad to have made through this together and motivate each other each time before we take our exams!

Went up to Gohtong Jaya to have lunch with the family and then came back and went to yumcha with Khin Khuin and a few friends.

It was a good day overall.


So the next step was getting ready for graduation!

Considering the fact that I have gained quite an amount of weight and also being unable to exercise due to my ankle injury, I told myself to eat lesser and healthier for the hopes of getting to take nicer photos wtf but evidently you can see I am still so round hahaha.

I shamelessly told my family on what kind of flowers I want and also how much I wanted a helium balloon hahaha, and they did got me both of that. Am absolutely grateful for that. :')

Me being me, not really a good person at keeping in contact with people but I am glad for the ones who made an effort to attend my graduation to celebrate my achievement with me.

In summary, being in a graduation robe was very very hot where you unglamly sweat damn alot and the graduation ceremony took ages just for you to collect a certificate on stage. After the ceremony, took pictures, but it felt that there just wasn't enough time to take photos and catch up with everyone. The day went by very fast, too fast. At that point in time I just wished that time could just slow down or could relive this experience.

 Me and my ohana! 

Specifically, my parents who brought me up to who I am today. I've wasted alot of money and time, and made alot of mistakes as a child but I do hope to make things right for them.


 My ACCA batchmates! Thankful for them who listened to my countless complains and stood by me when I felt like giving up in ACCA.

 Buffy Tan who graduated with me!

EY work fam bam which I am thankful to have met. Although today, things might have changed between us but there were still the good times in the past and I am thankful for those good times. Hoping each and everyone of them are happy in whatever they have chosen for themselves.

 Soon Yiwei! 

Jan Jan, one of my first few friends I met in KDU during the chicken dance.

Lastly, this very special girl in my ACCA life! Met her on the first day of ACCA and we are friends ever since and have never left each other's side. Even now, we constantly lync each other at work or see each other at work if we are both in office. Thankful to have her in my life to go through tough times together, tam jiak moments, drama and also talk rubbish together haha. Cannot wait till the moment where I attend her graduation and am proud of her.

Alright, just penning down graduation momentos so I could read back and recall about this some other time.


Till next time.

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